Friday, March 31, 2006

Toyota Starlet

Original plan was to buy a brand new Mazda 3 (it is called Axela in here); however, soon after I became realistic, I noticed that the car is not as cheap as I imagined. Fortunately, there are two guys who already own Mazda 3. That was a good enough excuse to change my mind.

I decided to get Toyota's compact car named Starlet (Glanza S, 1300 cc, 1998 yr, 45,000 miles). Second hand cars in Japan are cheap and the Starlet costs $2,000. I paid $3,300 including tax and registration fee to a dealer. My colleague named the car "pointer", which is a car for Ultra-man ranger.

I got a car at 30th March, at least I am not carless anymore.


Peter said...

Hi Tak,

so are you glad you didn't get a Mazda 3 because it turns out that they're terrible, or because you don't want to be the same as everyone else in your lab?


TK said...

That really is just a matter of finance. To set up loan is a lot of work and makes me nervous. Since I had a strong will to buy Mazda 3, I had to find a good excuse besides financial reason. Duplication is good enough, isn't it?

Also now we have a plan. Get Legacy from father in law. He is a big fan of Legacy and tends to purchase new Legacy whenever new model is released. He purchased a brand new Legacy two years ago, thus after few years, I will have a chance. I already sent him alive crab.

TK said...

Fuel efficiency is 15 km/liter (35 miles/gallon) so far. Note this is non-hybrid car.