Saturday, March 25, 2006

Track in Misasa

Misasa owns multi-purpose dirt-ground field. There is a 300 meters track in it. It is very hard to trace a lane. Considering popuration (7,000), this is even over kill. I thought it is easy to find running partners because there are a lot of Africans in the institute; it is not. Excuses are language of the world.

Because I am still in the guest house and cannot cook by myself, I'm getting bigger. I started running from March 24th. A relatively big river goes through Misasa town, and there are anchors every 200 meters. Run down to the track following the river as warm up, do drill A, B, and C on the track, and then come back.

It seems that there is a serious track at downtown Kurayoshi. Kurayoshi is a middle-size city next to Misasa.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Tak- What a lovely all purpose dirt road you have. Elyse and I would like to run with you and do drill A, B, & C slowly.

Your assumption about finding running partners is really HILARIOUS! Well, keep on trying in looking for running partners and never give up...I wish you the best of luck...By the way, you try Peter Mao...Carol Torio