Sunday, April 09, 2006

Sand dune

With Karl, Nagender, and Jeong-Seon, I visited Tottori sand dune, which is the only sightseeing spot in Tottori according to a guide book named "Lonely planet".

The dimension of the sand dune is a few kilometer scale. There are decent amount of Japanese tourists. I was happy to see those people because they prove that I live in a place that is worth to visit.


peter said...

who are Karl, Nagender, and Jeong-Seon? and have you got them to go running with you yet?

TK said...

They are visiting researchers in Okayama University. None of them wants to run with me. Karl is interested in exercise. He is following me with bike. Much better than running by myself.

Recently an Ethiopian guy Kurkura did run with me. He said he cannot run like before. He pulls his knees when he runs, which is impressive.

Ming-Chang said...

Do you play go with them too?

TK said...

That idea did not occur to me. Good idea.

Japanese does not have custom to have lunch together. Very often I eat lunch by myself alone.

I need lunch partners besides running partners.