Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Grand parents visited Tottori

My father and grand parents visited Misasa 13th May. They liked Misasa and stayed two nights at the guest house. Grand father went into the hot spring in the guest house seven times out of just two nights.

A picture is taken at Iwato, where is located just east side of Tottori sand dune. Do I look like them?

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Sand dune again

My friends also visited me. I took them to the most popular spot in Tottori, sand dune. It was very crowded because of the big holidays.

I had to park 1 mile away. While we were walking, I found one sign. The Tottori sand dune faces to Japanese sea.

To residences who live close to see shore: report to Tottori police immediately when you see people

  1. who are considered as blockade runners based on how they look and/or how they speak
  2. who communicate with a ship using flush light on and off
  3. who look strange somehow as tourists

Golden week

Japan has a week-holiday called "Golden week". My wife visited me to Misasa, so I brought her around Misasa. Misasa is a little tiny town and famous for hot spring with radon.

This picture shows Kawara-buro (spa next to a river). Left hand side is full-body spa and right hand side is spa for foot. Both are free and open 24 hours a day. My wife did not want to go too close because she did not want to see naked men. To be naked in public place is a crime in Japan generally.

I have taken the full spa once with colleagues after a beer party. It seems that, after 3 am, some women take the full-body bath.