Sunday, May 07, 2006

Golden week

Japan has a week-holiday called "Golden week". My wife visited me to Misasa, so I brought her around Misasa. Misasa is a little tiny town and famous for hot spring with radon.

This picture shows Kawara-buro (spa next to a river). Left hand side is full-body spa and right hand side is spa for foot. Both are free and open 24 hours a day. My wife did not want to go too close because she did not want to see naked men. To be naked in public place is a crime in Japan generally.

I have taken the full spa once with colleagues after a beer party. It seems that, after 3 am, some women take the full-body bath.


peter said...

So does Kae like visiting you in Misasa better than flying across the Pacific? I hope she didn't take as long to get there as you did the first day!

TK said...

Now Kae is worried about radiation from radon in spa although that's the magnet of Misasa spa.