Sunday, June 25, 2006


On 25th June, I ran for Misasa. Twenty three teams from Tottori area were at the 1st Nishi-Takao team-running competition (Ekiden).

Misasa had three teams a, b, and c. Each team consists of 5 runner. Each has to run 6, 3, 3, 6, 3 km, respectively. I was the third runner.

When I got a baton, Misasa-c was 22nd out of 23 teams. I was caught by 23rd runner. Thus when I handed the baton to the forth runner, our team was 23rd out of 23. Fourth runner caught 22nd runner up again, our team was finally got 22nd.

Misasa-a 19:35, 10:27, 12:52, 20:02, 10:10
Misasa-b 20:58, 11:39, 13:13, 23:03, 11:23
Misasa-c 22:57, 12:46, 12:42 (me), 23:29, 11:37

My time was 12:42. Among the third 3 km runner that is 19th out of 23. I am happy because when I was running alone on a track it took always more than 14 minutes. To run for team makes something different.

Sunday, June 18, 2006


Misasa owns national treasure named Nageire-doh (throw-in building). June 12th, we had opportunity to climb up there. The throw-in building is a part of Sambutsu temple in Mt. Mitoku, which is known by Japanese local religion Shugen-do.

The Nageire-doh is located at almost top of the mountain. To climb up to the Nageire-doh is training in Shugen-do. It took about an hour to reach there. The Zaoh-gohgen is their statue and I tried to look like it.

Nageire-doh is 1300 years old and under construction. View from Mt. Mitoku is nice and slightly scary.

Mitoku (Japanese)