Thursday, August 17, 2006


The Aug 15th is a special day for East asia. I visited Yasukuni temple at that day, 2006. It takes a while to compile what I thought.


Pete Mao said...

Hi Tak,

"A" Yasukuni or "The" Yasakuni Shrine? Is there more than one, or only the one in Tokyo?

I'm interested to read what your thoughts were. It's apparently quite a controversial locale.


TK said...

It is "the" Yasukuni. Yasukuni is built by Maiji emperor (3 generation perior to the current emperor) to console the spirit of people who fought for Japan.

Yasukuni has a museum that is focused on mainly on history of Japanese wars. Because of Yasukuni's purpose, people who died for Japan cannot be blamed by Yasukuni or Yasukuni museum, which is fair I think. I saw a lot of people who just wanted to console people who fought for Japan. The issue is that how they show, recognize, and present their (our) history. The museum claimed in this way: Japan did not have any other options. This arrogance attitude conflicts with non Japanese people in other country. I suspect that the attitude came from lack of the international sense.

Fundamental issue with Yasukuni is that they also console Japanese "criminals" in world war II. Japan have accepted those "criminals" at San Fransico. Thus our prime minister should not visit Yasukuni; however, he did. Our prime minister is a moron or may be not. Our prime minister promised to visit Yasukuni every year to get votes couple of years ago. The only way to keep going Yasukuni is to pretend that he is a moron.

I think that he really is a moron. Recently North Korea launched missile toward Japan. Do you know what he was doing at that time? Singing Presley's song with Bush in US. It is a national shame.