Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Nabe (pod)

Since I do not have enough time to go out and take picutures by my new digital camera, I decided to take my dinner.

Now, I prefer cook-and-eat Japanese food called nabe (pod) as dinner. Pod and heater are set on the table and food is cooked in-situ with boiling water. Food is always hot.

The main component is celery cabbage. Bean-sprout, onion, mushroom, carrot, tofu, alimentary yam past and beef (or pork). At the very end you put udon (Japanese noodle). You can put anything you want. The cooking procedure forces conversation among family. Very common winter food in Japan.

We had this nabe dinner during our trip (this September). We were addicted and purchased an electric nabe heater. Although my wife has gone I love to keep using it. Side benefit is, I'll be full easily only by celery cabbage *with* satisfaction.

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