Sunday, September 24, 2006

New digital camera

Since my Olympus does not work anymore, I purchased a new digital camera, Sanyo VPC-C40 (or DMX-C40). I planned to buy just a cheap digital camera which should cost $100-$150; however, once I visited an electrics shop, sky would be the limit.

I found a camera that works both as cam coder and camera, is lighter than 1 pound and costs less than $250. Since I wanted cam coder too, I purchased it. It saves movies as MPEG 4. I decided to purchase 512 MB SD memory because I want to limit movie size less than 640 MB: hi-quality 20 min and low-quality 2 hours.

In Japan, users are not allowed to return it but we have five years warranty. At least I can update this blog and take my running and swimming form.

This is public bath for people who work for Okayama University. It does not look nice but the water is real "radon" hot spring. They charge me $10 a month and I don't know that's a good deal or not. My shower in my apartment is out of order thus I take that bath 30 times a month. The guest house has much better "rock" hot spring.

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