Tuesday, October 24, 2006


We play football on Sunday in Misasa. Number of participate is getting lower and lower. Two weeks ago, there were only four people. I thought that non-academic activity is good especially for non-Japanese students. Well, we will keep playing just for fun and health. This week, we are eight, which are enough to play mini game.


Mark said...

How is the quality of the videos taken with your new camera? My camera (Canon) also takes video, but the resolution is small that it's not very practical.

TK said...

I want to upload my movie; however, blogger.com does not let me do so. I'm thinking to create other resource oriented web site although it does not make sense. I think the quality of video is OK. Just a moment.

Pete Mao said...

tak -- I've posted videos on google video. you can provide a link from your blog to the video. or you can use youtube.