Saturday, November 25, 2006

Throw-in building again

Finally Kae climbed up to the throw-in building ''Nageire Doh''. I have suggested her many times but she never listened to me. She saw an article about Nageire Doh in a magazine issued by her job organization. Also her friend recommends to see it.

In fact, she was satisfied to see the "Nageire Doh" as I thought. I want her to believe and listen to me slightly more.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Certified Khumii singer

Amara (from Mongolia) and I went to Mongolian concert in Tottori. Mongolian throat singing is known as Khumii and of my interest. I have been practicing the Khumii in labs for a long time. Sound frequency of turbo pump is similar to that of Khumii sounds.

After the concert, I demonstrated my Khumii to the main singer and he told me (Amara translated) that I already passed novice-player step and need proper exercise to go next.

Chinggis Khan praise, Four season steppe, Milk god, and Altain mountain praise were pretty good.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Misasa Ekiden (team running competition)

As a part of Misasa non-scientific activity, we participated Ekiden (team running competition). We made two teams. Each consists of 8 people and runs totally 14.07 km (1.8 km for each). Photo is before and after. Although it took efforts to create two teams this year, several people already promised me to run next year.

We are 30th (1:03:51) and 31st (1:04:38 ) place out of 38 teams. 108 s and 110 s per 400 m. My time was 0:07:47 (2.01 km) which is 92 s per 400 m pace. Cheers from sidewalk and a will to catch people up (or not to be caught) helped.

It seems that a head of Misasa town was pleased for our attendance and we got testimonial from him. Our goal next year is to be in first half among all teams.